DALI to Mains converter for up to 300W LED retrofit loads 86458619-300U


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Phase Dimmer with DALI control input (DALI to mains converter) White cable clamps, for independent installation, are included. This version is the 86458619-300U. Suitable only for LED retrofit lamps....
Phase Dimmer with DALI control input (DALI to mains converter) 
White cable clamps, for independent installation, are included.

This version is the 86458619-300U. 
Suitable only for LED retrofit lamps. 
NOT suitable with any other type of LED (constant current or constant voltage drivers) or non-LED loads.

Product features: 
Designed and made in the EU 
Universal dimmer (RLC - trailing and leading edge) 
Min 10W, Max 300W 
Compact housing for back box installation 

Looking for a smaller wattage, more cost effective, version? Check-out the Lunatone 25W LEDDALIPD25WRLC version.

Product family overview: 
Suitable for dimming of 230V LED-retrofit-bulbs via DALI (Device Type 4 from firmware 3.0 and higher) 
Different types for loads from 3W to 25W (PD) for back box installation and for 10-300W (PD300) for remote ceiling and din rail
Trailing edge phase cut dimmer for resistive and capacitive loads, leading edge phase cut dimmer for resistive and inductive loads as well available as universal dimmer 
Conversion of the DALI dim level into a phase cut controlled voltage (trailing/leading edge) 
The minimum dim level can be set via DALI (MIN LEVEL) 
Additional operating mode as switch (DT7 compliant) available with firmware 3.5 and higher 
The module represents a DALI-line client and therefore it has its own DALI-address. 
Double DALI terminals - the DALI signal line is connected through. 

Article number: 86458619-300U (RLC)

Input type: Mains 
Marking terminals: L, N 
Rated input voltage: 220-240Vac 
Input voltage frequency: 50-60 Hz 
Max. input power: 300W 

Input: DA, DA 
Input type: DALI, supply 
Marking terminals: DA, DA 
Input voltage range: 9,5V … 22,5V 
Max. current consumption DALI: 6mA 
Number of DALI addresses: 1 

Output: L‘, N 
Output type: trailing/leading edge phase cut of mains 
Marking terminals: L‘, N bzw 
Output voltage: like input L,N 
Phase cut angle: 0°-180° 
Output voltage frequency: like input L,N 
Max. output current: 1.45A Eff ac 
Load range: 10-300W 
Max. length between device and luminaire: 50m

Insulation data: 
Impulse voltage category: II 
Pollution degree: 2 
Rated insulation voltage: reinforced isolation 
Insulation test voltage: 3000Vac

Environmental conditions: 
Storing and transportation temperature: -20°C … +75°C 
Operational ambient temperature: -20°C … +60°C 
Rel. humidity, none condensing: 15% … 90% 

General data:
Mounting: built-in, integration in protection class II devices 
Rated max. temperature tc: 65°C 
Expected life time @tc: 50000h 
Protection class: II in intended use 
Protection degree housing: IP40 
Protection degree terminals: IP20

Connection type: spring terminal connector 
Wire size solid core: 0,5 … 1,5 mm2 (AWG20…AWG16) 
Wire size fine wired: 0,5 … 1,5 mm2 wire (AWG20 … AWG16) 
Size using wire end ferrule: 0,25 … 1 mm2 
Stripping length: 8,5 … 9,5mm / 0,33 … 0,37inch 
Locking torque: - 
Actuation type: Push Button 

Dimensions and weight: 
Width: 30.16mm 
Height: 21.60mm 
Length: 120.20 mm
Product weight: 61 g 

DALI: EN 62386-101, EN62386-102, EN62386-205 
EMC: EN 61547, EN 50015 / IEC CISPR15 
Safety: EN 61347-2-11, EN 61347-1 
Markings: ENEC-11, CE
Technical Information
Weight 61g
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