What are the benefits of a flight case?

Also known as road cases or equipment cases, flight cases are an ideal way to ensure valuable tech and equipment are protected from damage during transit, shipping or storage giving you added peace of mind. Their solid construction from durable materials such as steel, plywood and polypropylene protects items from bumps, knocks and scrapes that are common when on the road.

They minimise risk of damage to the case contents, keeping items secure and protected during transportation and in perfect condition once they arrive at the final destination. Whatever the industry, if you need to move equipment, logistics and protection are essential for your business. Flight cases often include additional features like case foam which can be CNC cut to perfectly fit your equipment, adding additional shock absorption and protection.


You can use a flight case to store and transport literally anything; staging equipment, musical instruments, pro audio and video equipment, computers and technology, DJ gear, cameras, props, catering equipment, memorabilia and sporting goods, medical supplies and machinery, military equipment, tools, motorsports items and more!


Flight cases can be built to house almost anything because they can be made in so many various sizes and shapes. Professional case builders use their expert knowledge to design and build a bespoke case specifically for your needs using quality case hardware. Flight cases can also be fully branded, and made in a variety of colours thanks to various panels and laminates.


flight cases for Langley's Garage LTD for Langleys / DHS Racing Rallycross Teamflight cases for Langley's Garage LTD for Langleys / DHS Racing Rallycross Team
Morleys coffee flight case by NSP Cases on InstagramMorleys coffee flight case by NSP Cases on Instagram
custom guitar case by serge_moonspinner on instagramcustom guitar case by serge_moonspinner on instagram
red flight cases by Flightcase Warehouse on Instagramred flight cases by Flightcase Warehouse on Instagram
DoorJammer products caseDoorJammer products case


  • Protect valuable equipment
  • Easy transportation
  • Safe storage solution
  • Reusable over many years when constructed with quality hardware
  • Reinforce company branding at events and on the road
  • Can be fully customised to suit your exact requirements

Popular in the professional audio and entertainment industry, flight cases are the go-to solution for public events such as festivals and music tours for transporting expensive and important equipment that is used backstage, keeping it in pristine working order, and allowing for easy installation when on site. Flight cases are often built using castors which means even heavy items can be easily rolled and manoeuvred around various locations. Flight cases also make loading and unloading of fragile or valuable equipment easier, and stacking cases for transport and storage especially when built with hardware such as auto-aligning castors and stacking dishes.


Flight cases an also be used as exhibition and event stands as well as customer serving areas for hospitality – check out our Customer Spotlight on “Alfred the Guiness Bar”!


Smaller cases can be made without wheels which are carried by one or multiple handles. Guitar and other musical instrument cases are an example of this. Briefcase style cases can also be used for much smaller but still valuable items such as expensive jewellery, irreplaceable collectables, props and much more.


Flight cases are a smart investment as they can be used many times over the years – just ensure your case has been made with quality flight case hardware to guarantee a longer lifespan and minimal damage.