The Penn Elcom Group 

Penn Elcom

Penn Elcom is our largest and most-established brand. A leading manufacturer of quality Flight Case and Speaker Cabinet Hardware, as well as 19 Inch Racking solutions, Penn Elcom was founded in 1974 and now has 50 years of experience designing product solutions for specialist industries such as Pro Audio and AV. We have over 400 machines across our manufacturing locations around the world, and depots in 18 countries including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany and China.

Our worldwide manufacturing and distribution capabilities support businesses and customers of all sizes. Our standard range consists of over 6,000 products including Flight Case Hardware, Speaker Hardware, 19 Inch Rack Enclosures and Accessories, Neutrik Connectors and Crating Components. In addition to our standard range, we can produce custom products to fulfil specific requirements and can also customize or personalize any of our products to suit your needs.

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DoorJammer is the innovative, award-winning and police-accredited portable door security device that prevents unwanted entry, fast.

Its patented steel design works on almost any in-swinging door, even without a lock or handle and installs simply by turning the screw. Light and compact it fits in your bag or pocket making it ideal for both travel and home security. 

DoorJammer was invented by product designer Von Saint while on holiday in Mexico. Necessity became the mother of invention when he discovered his hotel room's broken door lock and was then forced to hold it closed the only way he could - by wedging a chair against it.

It was this unfortunately common situation that sparked the thought: "there must be a better solution to this problem". Von Saint Designs then began working with the Penn Elcom Group to refine, manufacture and distribute DoorJammer all over the world.

Since its launch in 2016, DoorJammer has improved its product design as well as added a larger, commercial grade model targeted at schools, offices, commercial buildings and public spaces. DoorJammer has won Double Gold and Diamond awards at the British Invention Show, Silver and Finalist awards at the National Hardware Show and International Housewares Association as well as achieving the PAS24 Impact Test Certificate from Winkhaus Laboratories, becoming Police accredited by Secured By Design and has sold 750,000+ units.

Penn Parcel Box

Trusted by 1,000’s: The secure solution to unattended and contactless parcel delivery.

Penn Parcel Boxes are the ideal choice for a totally secure and convenient way to receive letters, parcels, and boxes while unattended – whether you are out at work, on holiday or simply can’t get to the door.

The weather-resistant steel containers come pre-assembled and install quickly and easily, either by bolting to a concrete surface or by using interior weights. Their range consist of 2 sizes, so there’s a perfect choice for private and joint residences, offices, public areas or communal interiors.

Penn Parcel Boxes are original products made and designed by Penn Elcom and are the result of extensive research and design iterations, aimed at premium home and office users. Penn Elcom’s steel-working experience and historical industry knowledge of the needs of both retail and commercial customers has allowed us to use our craftsmanship to deliver what we believe is the highest quality delivery box solution on the market.