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Panel Designer

Design and order your own bespoke rack panels!

Simply choose a panel template and add cut-outs, text and graphics.

Our intelligent software assists you by snapping shapes into place and automatically calculating any clearance required. Upload your own logo or other graphics, add custom text and choose the layout...

Custom Manufacturing

In addition to our considerable product range, our design and manufacturing capabilities enable us to produce custom products designed to fulfil any need or requirement. We can also customize any of our pre-existing products!

Case Designer

A new era of flight case design!

Visualize your case designs in the planning stage in 2D or 3D and full 360 degree rotation. Sheet cutting sizes and a list of all component parts and their prices are generated, giving you the running and total cost of your project.


Penn Elcom is a leading global manufacturer of quality Flight Case and Speaker Cabinet Hardware, as well as 19 Inch Racking solutions.

What started in 1974 with a single manual press machine in Penn, Buckinghamshire, Penn Elcom now has 50 years of experience designing product solutions for specialist industries such as Pro Audio and AV.

In addition to our standard range, we have extensive design and manufacturing capabilities that enable us to produce custom products to fulfil specific requirements. We can also customize or personalize any of our products to suit your needs.

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