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  • L0737

    Image of L0737
    Image of L0737 Image of L0737
    Valance Spanning Overlatch in 10mm / 3/8" Offset Dish.
    Finish: PennBrite

    Catch Plate (Not included) L0965/CP or L0747/CP

    Air tight gasket L0737G

    Backpate L0737/BP
    Material: 0.9mm / 20 gauge Steel
    Part No.Hook Length from OffsetWeight
    L0737/2828.0mm / 1 1/8"0.12kg/0.27lb
    L0737/3131.0mm / 1.22"0.12kg/0.28lb
    L0737/3836.1mm / 1.42"0.13kg/0.28lb
    L0737/4341.0mm / 1.61"0.13kg/0.28lb
    L0737/4644.8mm / 1.76"0.13kg/0.28lb
    L0737/5047.3mm / 1.86"0.13kg/0.28lb
    L0737/5450.6mm / 1.99"0.13kg/0.28lb
    L0737/5753.7mm / 2.11"0.13kg/0.28lb
    L0737/6057.0mm / 2.24"0.13kg/0.28lb
    L0737/6260.0mm / 2.36"0.13kg/0.28lb
    L0737/6463.3mm / 2.49"0.13kg/0.28lb
    L0737/6866.4mm / 2.61"0.13kg/0.29lb
    L0737/7977.3mm / 3.04"0.13kg/0.29lb
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