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    FT-DTC - Digital Thermostatic Controller

    Image of FT-DTC
    Image of FT-DTC Image of FT-DTC
    This 1U Rack Mountable Digital Thermostatic Controller can be used to monitor and control all of our low noise DC fan units: CoolRaC, FT01-Q, FT02-Q and FP02-Q-3U. (Warning: only compatible with Penn Elcom cooling systems)

    The digital thermostat module features: Continuous rack temperature monitoring, settable fan run temperature control with LED indicator and over temperature alarm.

    Technical Specifications
    CRC-LINK DC link cable included
    • Continuous temperature monitoring
    • Set & forget fan control
    • Fan run LED indicator
    • Over temperature alarm
    • 12V DC Input & Output 2.1 Sockets
    • Switched 12V DC at Maximum of 4A
    • Temperature Sensor Input Socket
    • Plug-in PTC sensor 1m / 39" lead
    • Dimensions (OD): 44.5mm x 483mm x 70mm / 1.75" x 19.02" x 2.76"

    Part No.FinishDescriptionWeight
    FT-DTC Shopping CartBlackDigital Thermostatic Controller1kg/2.2lb
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