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  • R8200 框架式机柜 - TRANSLATE

    Image of R8200
    Image of R8200 Image of R8200

    R0883 导轨立柱, 4 x R8250 护角和 R8295 调节脚。

    底部可装M10 或 M12 调节脚或 W0980W0980/BW0990/80W0985/80W0990-V6W0985-V6 脚轮。

    小紧固件可用 S1170, S1045K & S1941 or S1940.

    材料: 铁料


    R8200-16/8UK Shopping Cart黑色8U449mm
    R8200-16/10UK Shopping Cart黑色10U538mm
    R8200-16/12UK Shopping Cart黑色12U627mm
    R8200-16/15UK Shopping Cart黑色15U760mm
    R8200-16/16UK Shopping Cart黑色16U805mm
    R8200-16/18UK Shopping Cart黑色18U894mm
    R8200-16/22UK Shopping Cart黑色22U1.07m
    R8200-16/24UK Shopping Cart黑色24U1.16m
    R8200-16/28UK Shopping Cart黑色28U1.34m
    R8200-16/30UK Shopping Cart黑色30U1.43m
    R8200-16/33UK Shopping Cart黑色33U1.56m
    R8200-16/35UK Shopping Cart黑色35U1.65m
    R8200-16/39UK Shopping Cart黑色39U1.83m
    R8200-16/43UK Shopping Cart黑色43U2m


    R8200-20/10UK Shopping Cart黑色10U538mm
    R8200-20/12UK Shopping Cart黑色12U627mm
    R8200-20/16UK Shopping Cart黑色16U805mm
    R8200-20/18UK Shopping Cart黑色18U894mm
    R8200-20/20UK Shopping Cart黑色20U987mm
    R8200-20/22UK Shopping Cart黑色22U1.07m
    R8200-20/24UK Shopping Cart黑色24U1.16m
    R8200-20/28UK Shopping Cart黑色28U1.34m
    R8200-20/30UK Shopping Cart黑色30U1.43m
    R8200-20/32UK Shopping Cart黑色32U1.52m
    R8200-20/33UK Shopping Cart黑色33U1.56m
    R8200-20/34UK Shopping Cart黑色34U1.6m
    R8200-20/35UK Shopping Cart黑色35U1.65m
    R8200-20/39UK Shopping Cart黑色39U1.83m
    R8200-20/40UK Shopping Cart黑色40U1.87m
    R8200-20/43UK Shopping Cart黑色43U2m
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