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    Image of R1288/CB
    Image of R1288/CB Image of R1288/CB
    Clamp Bar for use with rack shelves with side slots

    Works with:
    - Rack Shelf With Custom Face Plate
    - R1297-152, R1297, R1297-500, R1297-600 and R1397 Clamping Rack Shelves
    - R1288 Utility Shelves
    - R1194/3UK, R1194/4UK, RSU0x, RSU0x-600 Rack Shelves

    Includes Foam Strip and Fixing Screws.
    Material: 1.5mm / 16 gauge Steel
    Part No.FinishDescriptionWeight
    R1288/CBK Shopping Cart
    Clamp Bar0.27kg/0.6lb
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