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    R0828 Rack Rail

    Image of R0828
    Image of R0828 Image of R0828
    Full Hole Rack Rail Threaded to 10/32 UNF, M5 or M6

    Black Powder Coated.

    Cuts from 1 space 44.45mm / 1.75" to 45 spaces 2m / 79" are available.

    Please specify length (number of spaces) when ordering.

    R0828: Use U5200 - U5205 Rack Screws and U5215 Washers.
    R0828/M6: Use S1045 Rack Screws and S1940 - S1941 Washers.

    We recommend using a maximum torque setting of 4Kns when tightening the Rack Fastenings.
    Material: 3.0mm / 1/8" Steel
    Part No.FinishAvailable SizesThreaded
    R0828BlackFrom 1 Space to 45 Spaces10/32 UNF
    R0828/M5BlackFrom 1 Space to 45 SpacesM5
    R0828/M6BlackFrom 1 Space to 45 SpacesM6
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