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    PEHS80 - 80% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer NEW!

    Image of PEHS80
    Image of PEHS80 Image of PEHS80
    High alcohol antibacterial formula in a handy carry bottle, perfect for keeping hands, fingers and wrists free from bacteria and germs. Works right away without the need for water or soap.

    Active Substances: Ethanol 80% (v/v), Glycerol 1.45% (v/v), Hydrogen peroxide 0.125% (v/v).

    Usage: Apply directly to the palm of the hand. Cover the entire surface of both hands and rub until dry.

    IMPORTANT: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes - in case of contact, rinse immediately with water for two minutes and contact your doctor.
    Part No.SizeDescriptionBottle SizeWeight
    PEHS80-100 Shopping Cart100ml / 3.38 oz NEW! 80% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer40mm x 90mm / 1.57" x 3.54"95g/0.21lb
    PEHS80-250 Shopping Cart250ml / 8.5 oz NEW! 80% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer50mm x 140mm / 1.97" x 5.51"0.24kg/0.53lb
    PEHS80-500 Shopping Cart0.5 liter / 16.9 oz NEW! 80% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer67mm x 192mm / 2.64" x 7.56"0.47kg/1.04lb
    PEHS80-1000 Shopping Cart1 liter / 33.8 oz NEW! 80% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer80mm x 240mm / 3.15" x 9.45"0.96kg/2.12lb
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