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    EG-0315 - For 3.2mm / 1/8” Panels

    Image of EG-0315
    Image of EG-0315 Image of EG-0315
    Tongue and Groove Extrusion
    Board thickness: 4mm / 3/16"
    Material: Aluminium

    Special Order to Ship Outside of EU

    Part No.FinishDescriptionLengthWeight
    EG-0315Tongue and Groove Extrusion4m / 157"1.22kg/2.69lb
    EG-0315/1Tongue Extrusion mates with EG-0315/2 Groove Extrusion4m / 157"
    EG-0315/2Groove Extrusion mates with EG-0315/1 Tongue Extrusion4m / 157"
    Part No.FinishDescriptionLengthWeight
    EG-0315EAnodizedTongue and Groove Extrusion4m / 157"1.22kg/2.69lb
    EG-0315/1EAnodizedTongue Extrusion mates with EG-0315/2E Groove Extrusion4m / 157"
    EG-0315/2EAnodizedGroove Extrusion mates with EG-0315/1E Tongue Extrusion4m / 157"
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