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    Comus LED Panels

    Image of Comus LED Panels
    Image of Comus LED Panels Image of Comus LED Panels Image of Comus LED Panels Image of Comus LED Panels
    New range of Comus LED Edge-Lit Panels with improved performance and fast repayment!

    Designed to fit directly into existing standard 600mm x 600mm / 23.62" x 23.62" suspended ceilings and recesses.
    A robust Aluminium construction providing even light dispersion, low heat output and no UV or IR.
    Slim body (9mm / 3/8" thick) with nice finish of frame.
    Provides uniform light output with no dark zones.

    Available in Dimmable and Non Dimmable version.
    This lamp can be recycled free of charge at any Recolight collection point.

    Beam angle: 120°
    Colour appearance: Daylight
    Colour Temperature: 6500K
    Colour rendering index Ra: >80
    Luminous efficacy: 100lm/W
    Lumen output: 3600lm

    Current input DC (1-10V control): 2mA
    Input Voltage: 100 - 240 V
    Efficiency of power supply: up to 89 %
    Operating frequency: 50/60 Hz
    Nominal Power: 36W
    Rated Power: 37W
    Power factor: >0.9
    THD: <20%

    Certificats available: CE, Rohs
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 595mm x 595mm x 9mm / 23.43" x 23.43" x 3/8"
    Driver dimensions (L x W x H): 149mm x 43mm x 30mm / 5.87" x 1.69" x 1.18"
    LED chip type: SMD5730
    Frame colour: White
    Material: Aluminium + Polystyrene Cover

    Estimated operation life: 35000 hours
    Warranty: 2 Years

    LED Eco Panels

    Part No.DescriptionWeight
    LEDPANS36W65NECONon Dimmable LED Panels - 36W 6500K3.5kg/7.72lb
    LEDPANS36W65DECODimmable LED Panel - 36W 6500K3.5kg/7.72lb
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