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    AIR-ISO-120 NEW!

    Image of AIR-ISO-120
    3 by 3 AirHush 120 Degrees ISO Booth

    Package includes:
    - 9 x AirHush Panels AIR-2427PANEL
    - All the necessary mounting hardware (4 X AIR-BRK22-PKG, 4 X AIR-BRK24-PKG), 4 X AIR-BRK28-PKG, 4 X AIR-BRK30-PKG, 4 X AIR-BRK32-PKG and 4 X AIR-BRK34-PKG)

    Sound isolation has become a breeze thanks to the clever air-filled AirHushpanels –fair lighter than traditional solid options.

    These modular, constructible booths are easily transportable and take acoustic management to the next level with incredible performance.

    Special Order Outside the USA

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    AIR-ISO-120 Shopping CartAirHush 120 Degrees ISO Booth
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