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  • 3232LK - 3236LK Rack Drawers

    Image of 3232LK - 3236LK
    Image of 3232LK - 3236LK Image of 3232LK - 3236LK
    Rack Drawer with Slam Latch and Key Lock.

    Penn Elcom 323XLK series rack drawers are the most economical solution to storing non-rack mountable equipment, tools or consumables.
    Each drawer is equipped with a slam latch and a key lock for added security which comes with 2 keys.
    It has a flush front design maximizing the internal storage space and also giving it a sleek look.

    Material: Steel
    Part No.FinishSize (U)DepthWeight
    3232LKBlack2U387.4mm / 15.25"6.78kg/14.94lb
    3233LKBlack3U387.4mm / 15.25"7.79kg/17.17lb
    3234LKBlack4U387.4mm / 15.25"8.89kg/19.6lb
    3235LKBlack5U387.4mm / 15.25"11.17kg/24.63lb
    3236LKBlack6U387.4mm / 15.25"12.38kg/27.29lb
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