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R8200 Open Rack Tower System

Image of R8200
Image of R8200 Image of R8200
19" Open Tower Racking System. 8U rack space in Top Unit.

Includes R0883 Rack Rail, 4 x R8250 Double Cross Brace and R8295 Adjuster feet.

Base Unit with fixings for M10 or M12 Adjuster Feet, or Castors W0980 and W0980/B or W0990/80 and W0985/80 or W0990-V6 and W0985-V6 Castors.

Suitable fasteners for racking equipment are S1170, S1045K & S1941 or S1940.

Material: Steel

400mm / 15.75" Deep (D)

Part No.FinishSize (U)Height (H)
R8200-16/12UKBlack12U630mm / 24.8"
R8200-16/16UKBlack16U808mm / 31.81"
R8200-16/18UKBlack18U896mm / 35.28"
R8200-16/24UKBlack24U1.16m/ 3ft 10"
R8200-16/35UKBlack35U1.65m/ 5ft 5"
R8200-16/43UKBlack43U2.01m/ 6ft 7"

510mm / 20.08" Deep

Part No.FinishSize (U)Height (H)
R8200-20/16UKBlack16U808mm / 31.81"
R8200-20/24UKBlack24U1.16m/ 3ft 10"
R8200-20/33UKBlack33U1.56m/ 5ft 1"
R8200-20/35UKBlack35U1.65m/ 5ft 5"
R8200-20/39UKBlack39U1.83m/ 6ft
R8200-20/43UKBlack43U2.01m/ 6ft 7"
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