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L2747 Medium Lightweight Overlatch

Image of L2747
Image of L2747 Image of L2747
Medium Valance Spanning Overlatch in Lightweight Plastic Dish

Silver ABS Dish with Zinc Latch = L2747/XX
Black ABS Dish with Zinc Latch = L2747K/XX
Black ABS Dish with Black Latch = L2747K/XXK

(Plain Dish available - L2745/XX)

Catch Plate (Not included) L0965/CP or L0747/CP

Backplate Part No. L2747/BP
Material: Steel with ABS Dish
Part No.Hook Length from OffsetWeight
L2747/2828mm / 1 1/8"0.225Kg / 0.5Lb
L2747/3838mm / 1.5"0.225Kg / 0.5Lb
L2747/4343mm / 1.69"0.225Kg / 0.5Lb
L2747/4646mm / 1.81"0.225Kg / 0.5Lb
L2747/5050mm / 1.97"0.225Kg / 0.5Lb
L2747/5454mm / 2.13"0.225Kg / 0.5Lb
L2747/6464mm / 2.52"0.225Kg / 0.5Lb
L2747/6868mm / 2.68"0.225Kg / 0.5Lb
L2747/7979mm / 3.11"0.225Kg / 0.5Lb
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